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               - Online Drink Recipies
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              Welcome to the original cocktail and drink recipe website. We've been helping drink entousiasts and professionals since 2000.

              BarFliers offers over 10,000 searchable alcoholic cocktail and non-alcoholic drink recipes rated by users. You can find here our very own Bar'o'paedia, an encyclopedia of liquors. Also find information on how to make mixed drinks, which glasses to use and bartending information.

              You can browse through our selection by clicking on 'BROWSE RECIPES' above. If you know the name of the drink you are looking for or if you are looking for a recipe that uses ingredients you have in you cabinet click on 'ADVANCED SEARCH'. Or if you just want to be tantalized with a suggestion click on 'RANDOM RECIPE'.

              Remember to drink responsibly and that must be of legal age to drink.

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               - Online bar and drink recipies
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